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Rewilding Poetry

Today is the day to share with you all some poems I wrote in return to the call. The call to rewild, set free that wild child, hidden within, chained still with sin, shame and some fear, to keep me locked here, tame and submissive, confused and dismissive, instead of free, untamed and me.

Sitting woman in ecstacy bursting in flames from withinIt is my desire to share poet’s fire to set us all free, you, us and me, by kindling the flame, burning the shame, reclaiming the virtue of innocent game, sexual play, adventures so gay, a body untamed, a pleasure renamed.

It is my desire to set you on fire!

It is my intention, my green intervention, to call you back home as well as your power, awaken each bone, call down the shower of blessed rain to wash you all clean inside your brain and bodies unseen, that you may know inside each cell that you are wild and you are well and you can heal, set yourself free, become the flame and follow me. Or better yet your inner voice. Into the wild? It is your choice.

So use your body and choose well!

I await you at the sacred well.

A group of faeries ascending from wild waterWild Calling

I call, yes,
I call you,
human child,
into the wild,
into the wild!

Your senses
human child,
born from the wild,
born for the wild.

Your power
human child,
set free in the wild
to be in the wild.

Your prison,
your chains, yes,
human child,
get burned in the wild,
to let you be wild.

The calling
calls for you,
human child,
go into the wild,
remember the wild.


The Beast is Rising!

The beast is risingA medieval beast

beneath the skin

where wild herbs

and berries grow.

It smells of flowers,

sweat and soil.

From darkness it crawls,

its muscles aching

for play.

It drinks deep of the sunshine,

bathes in moonlight,

drinks from the streams,

remembers living.

I feel it humming

beneath the skin.

Intimate stranger,

explicit lover,

King of the jungle.

Let the courtship begin!

(If you are a guy let the courtship begin in earnest by joining Wild Men Rising.)

A man on a hike overlooking a valley from a mountain top (rewilding poetry)