The Completion Process

The Completion Process is a technique designed to bring traumatic memories and experiences to completion and deal efficiently with negative emotions. It helps you to reintegrate the parts of yourself that got fragmented during traumatic experiences in your past (a difficult birth, domestic abuse, being bullied, rape, etc). It therefore addresses and resolves the root causes of PTSD, depression, addictions and chronic negative thoughts and emotions like shame and self-hate.

This technique was developed by Teal Swan and instrumental in her own recovery from rape, ritual abuse and other childhood trauma. Since Gwydion also survived various forms of emotional and physical abuse, neglect, bullying and other traumatic experiences it is also an essential part of his own recovery process.

Gwydion has been selected, taught and certified by Teal Swan herself in November 2016. While he specializes in trauma related to sexuality, powerlessness and anger he is open to work on all kinds of trauma and negative emotions with you.

May the past control you no longer.
May your future be brighter than the sun.

Healing depression and loneliness with the completion process.

A Completion Process can take up between 1 and 3 hours and can take place via Skype. It is highly recommended that you have plenty of time to process and integrate afterwards (or go straight to bed). To book a session simply use the payment button below and Gwydion will get back to you ASAP to schedule your appointment. You can also ask him questions about the process first by using this contact form.

1 Session/ $150