Terms & Conditions (AGB)

§1 Application and Definition of Terms

(1) The following Terms and Conditions apply to all services offered by Gwydion Blackrose (aka Hansjörg Müller) to any customer according to the provided version of the Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase.

A ‘customer’ is every natural person entering into a legally binding contract by purchasing any services or products at http://www.gwydionblackrose.com. (§ 13 BGB).

§2 Entering a contract

(1) The following terms apply to every purchase done via the website http://www.gwydionblackrose.com.

(2) In case a contract finalized it’s entered into with: Hansjörg Müller, Rheinbacher Str. 38, 53115 Bonn, Germany

(3) The presentation of our services and products on the website is not a legally binding offer for a contract, but an open encouragement for potential customers to purchase a product or service. By placing an order the customer is placing a legally binding offer for a contract.

(4) By placing an order on our website the following terms apply: The customer is placing a legally binding offer for a contract by successfully completing the following steps on our website and PayPal:

  1. Selection of the desired product or service
  2. Confirmation by clicking the ‘Buy now’ button (or similar).
  3. Entering all necessary login data on PayPal.
  4. Confiming the order and payment by clicking ‘Pay now’.

Before placing the order in a legally binding fashion the customer can use the ‘back’ button of their browser in order to return to the website without placing an order. We confirm the order ASAP via e-mail. With that we accept the customer’s offer.

(5) You can always view our current Terms and Conditions at http://www.gwydionblackrose.com/terms-conditions. For security reasons none of your private data will be available online.

§3 Prices

(1) All prices exclude VAT in alignment with §19 UStG of German law.

(2) The customer can pay via PayPal .

§4 Return and Refund Policy

A return policy does not apply to services used. If services or products have not been used a refund can be given within 14 days after the order was placed. Please contact us via gwydion@gwydionblackrose.com in case you want to request a refund.

§5 Language for Agreements and Contracts

Languages that can be used for our contracts are German and Englisch.

Terms and Conditions version April 2019.