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Tarot Readings

Gwydion loves to dig deep with you! Tarot is a perfect tool for that.

After almost 20 years of fine-tuning their abilities Gwydion’s Tarot Readings are in-depth, illuminating and to the point. You will be left with clarity about where you are, how you have come into this situation and what potentials for change you can manifest.


What to expect

You will be given a detailed interpretation of each card and their relationships with each other. Based on that you’ll receive step-by-step suggestions and tools to shift your energy and circumstances in alignment with your Highest Good.

As a religious scholar with a wide range of knowledge and interests Gwydion is happy to work with you according to your particular world-view and religious and cultural context. That said, Gwydion’s primary focus will always be your personal empowerment and upliftment.

By purchasing Gwydion’s Tarot Reading you will receive:

  • In-depth interpretation of 11+ Tarot cards outlining your condition and solutions.
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to best shift and transform those conditions to your advantage.
  • Option 1: After scheduling a call the Reading will take place via Skype and is approximately 1-1.5h long. It is suggested you have spare time afterwards to process the information given in a comfortable environment.
  • Option 2: Gwydion will do your Reading without scheduling a call with you. They will tune into your energy and circumstances over distance. Afterwards you’ll receive a detailed account of your Reading via email to dive into at your leisure.
  • Aftercare if you need it: Up to 1 week after the Reading you can contact Gwydion via email to inquire about further clarification of the initial Reading and potential next steps.

a spread of Tarot cards

Energy exchage is important. Gwydion currently offers their in-depth Tarot Reading for $150/Reading. People who need help, but can’t meet the amount for the required offering by themselves are encouraged to get in touch with Gwydion directly to discuss options.

$150/Tarot Reading

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