Chakra Readings

Chakra Readings are Gwydion’s unique style of in-depth energy readings. With their special skill set they will tune into each of your main chakras and map out to you the blocks, challenges and potentials sleeping within. Gwydion will also take a look at your general energy and give you specific tools and suggestions you can follow step by step to bring your life back into the flow of natural abundance, beauty and grace which are your birthright.

Additionally Gwydion will commune with your Helping Spirits (primary spirit guides) while doing so and offer their wisdom, love and support to you. They are very invested in making sure you live the life of your dreams in alignment with your true passion and purpose. Their messages will give you direction and guidance so that you can live in authenticity, alignment and self-empowerment.

Chakra Readings can take place via Skype (1-2 hours) or can be send to you as a written report via e-mail. To book your session simply use the payment button below. Gwydion will get in touch with you as soon as possible to set up your appointment.