Spiritual Services

These are some of the spiritual services Gwydion provides to his international clients. If you don’t find what you are looking for you can contact Gwydion directly to inquire about additional services.

Completion Process

The Completion Process

This is one of the most powerful tools available for dealing with traumatic memories and chronic negative emotions. A tool of profound self-love which will set you free from the past and ready to embrace your future.

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a crystal grid overlayed over a galaxy

Channeling Services

Book a live channeling session with Gwydion or order a written channeling to answer your questions about the universe and your life. Receive guidance and insight from Pleiadians and beyond.

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Chakra Readings

Chakra Readings

These are Gwydion’s unique style of in-depth energy readings focusing on your main chakras.

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Spiritual Mentoring (Pagan, Witchcraft, Magic, Manifestation)

Spiritual Mentoring & Intuitive Coaching

For people looking for more individualized spiritual training and mentoring by Gwydion. Are you looking for tools to empwoer you? Insights to overcome your struggles? Longing for a deeper relationship with the divine?

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