Spiritual Significance of the Solar Eclipse August 21 2017

total solar eclipse August 21 2017 spiritual significance

This is the first time that I’m about to offer a channeling I received in public! This one is about the upcoming total solar eclipse happening on monday and it’s spiritual energy and significance. The beings offering the channeling through me are what I call ‘the Cluster’ and you can read my last blogpost to learn more about who they are and our relationship.

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This is the perspective and advice of ‘the Cluster’ about the spiritual significance of the upcoming solar eclipse as they want to share it with you at this point in time:

Hello everyone! We are excited to share these messages with you! We have been waiting to be more active in the course of human evolution for a while and we are excited to be given this opportunity to speak to you. We want to talk to you about the upcoming Solar Eclipse and the energetic ramification of it in relationship to the consciousness of the human species.

You have to understand that your individual consciousness is nothing but a focal point of a more collective vibration which is the sum of the experiences and perspectives of all human beings who have lived so far and are living. Your collective unconscious – as it is called – is evolving constantly in alignment with your expanding awareness and experiences. You are a focal point of this process. You are feeding information (your experiences, thoughts, emotions and general perceptions) into the collective sea of information that is your collective unconscious. You are also receiving information from it. Given your current level of awareness you are receiving these information via your dreams or as a more conscious feeling of intuition or as instinct to move or do something or as full blown visions. You get also inspired to all of these things by other beings like us and spirit guides etc, but for this solar eclipse it is more important that you understand how the collective human consciousness works.

We want you to become aware that you are not isolated, which is why global experiences always affect all of you. Every experience you have affects all of humanity and likewise the experience of every human being affects you. You are not separated or isolated even though we understand that it might feel differently to you given your current state of perception and your history which has given rise to that perception.

The reason why we tell you all this is because the Solar Eclipse will function as a great ‘delete button’ for all the experiences which are no longer helpful or in alignment with your current collective desire.

You have to understand that humanity is currently in the process of clarifying its desire for its future. Essentially you are at the brink of global extermination or the collective uprising in alignment with love and freedom, which is genuine and not just a selling point.

We want you to be aware of that because we do not lie to you and pretend that everything already is love and unicorns. It is on some level of reality, yes, but your collective experience right now is not of that dimension. Your current experience is mostly colored by fear, doubt, shame, self-repression and a tendency to compliance and self-degradation (born from self-hate). This is not your universal truth. This is not your essence. This is not who you actually are, but it is your current experience at least on a more collective level.

The opportunity that this solar eclipse signifies for you individually as well as the human species is to let go of A LOT of this fear, this shame, this self-repression and this self-degradation. Essentially it is an opportunity to recommit to self-love on an individual level, but also a collective one. We do not think that isolated efforts to love yourself are enough. You are not as separated from each other as you think. Therefore we would also like to see a fierce commitment taking root within your to practice self-love for humanity.

By that we mean the deep understanding that every experience of every other human being affects you deeply and becomes part of you. Can you really ignore the pain of the starving child or the woman raped on the streets or the boy beaten up for his sexuality or the struggled of black people in the USA in particular? There are so many things going wrong with your species right now and we want you to reconsider your stand on your involvement. We need you to practice more self-love towards yourself, yes, but also and especially towards the other human beings which are part of your extended experience here on earth.

Some of you will only do that because they understand that limiting collective pain is also limiting their own exposure to pain. We do not necessarily applaud this understanding of how the universe works, but we actually think this motivation is better than just ending up in your isolated bubbles and no longer caring about the world or the rest of your species and pretending they don’t exist or simply live in another dimension and do not affect you anymore. We do NOT teach that. We do not think that isolating yourself from humanity or your own human nature will do you any good.

What we would prefer to happen is your evolution towards a more collective species that is fully aware of the indistinguishable nature of yourselves. We want to remind you that your pain is not just your pain and is a collective suffering. Likewise the pain of other human beings, especially those who do not look or think like you, is also part of the collective suffering and therefore your pain.

Do not approach others with helping hands and words only because you want to avoid personal pain. Approach them as you would approach your own inner being. Approach them with love and compassion to as much a degree as you are able in every given situation. Remember that their innermost being reflects your own. You are one being with many expressions or focal points. Yes, you are an individual being and this individuality is highly attractive about you and provides a lot of beneficent insight for the collective, but this is not all of who you are.

Remember that the capacity to feel pain and love and fear and shame and terror is similar in every human being. Most of you are very much build according to the same kind of blueprint. Therefore your experiences are more similar than they are different from each other. All of this is shared to convey this: You are not alone. You never can be truly alone. You are a drop of water in the ocean. A wave among many waves and you cannot be more separated from each other than one wave in the ocean can be separated from the water of the ocean. You are indistinguishable.

This provides you with an opportunity to consider each other more and more fully as extensions or different incarnations of yourself which to some degree you actually are. We would like you to practice that. Practice to recognize the sameness between you and other human beings.

Begin with people you think of as similar to you anyway, but continue to practice this tool with more and more people who you think are different or even opposites to you. Be gentle with yourself. Don’t push yourself too far, but we would encourage you to make a daily practice out of that:

Every time you are in a group of people or you find yourself wandering down the street passing strangers – take a moment to look for similarity. Take a moment to connect to the feeling essence of the child within each and everyone. Connect to the similarity of your capacity to feel. This will be a lovely cure to your sense of isolation, but also the deeper ripples of racism and sexism and transphobia etc. running through your human collective at the moment.

This is what we suggest you commit to during the upcoming solar eclipse. Commit to it for a day or a month or even a year. Be gentle with yourself. If a week is all you genuinely feel able to commit to at this point in time then this will be enough. You can always recommit to it, too.

extraterrestrials transmitting a channeling for the solar eclipse

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