Sexual Empowerment Class

Reclaiming your body, potency and power!

Online class taking place between May 1 – June 25 2017

Most of us grew up within a culture which had very negative and restrictive attitudes towards our body and sexuality. We might have been taught that sexual desire is sinful or a distraction. We might have been taught that our lust needs to be hidden in shame. We might have experienced that our sensuality and sexuality made us a target of abuse or have been used against us.

Given where most of us are coming from it is no mystery why we would feel resistance towards fully embracing our sexuality. Why we might feel afraid or ashamed of our sexual desires. Why we might not really enjoy our body and sex in the first place. Why we keep denying ourselves the sexual satisfaction that our very soul is craving for.

This class is an invitation to explore a different truth. A chance to learn about your own body, sexuality and lust in a safe and sex-positive environment that is also deeply spiritual and self-loving. A space where you can get to know your desires and sexual nature without judgment.

There is no pressure in this class to ‘be sexual’ in any specific way. Each of us has a different way to open up to the sexual flow of life-force within. That is perfectly fine. Everyone of us gets excited and ignited by different sensual adventures – and that is just as it’s supposed to be!

Sexual Empowerment

What to expect

Within this class we will focus on reclaiming our wild, free, sexual selves from the bondage of cultural and religious conditioning. We will learn to fully own our body, celebrate and activate it, and start purifying it from shame, guilt and fear. We will also learn powerful meditations and explore magical formulas to empower our sexuality, awaken our sensuality and fully release attachments to traumatic experiences in the past which violated the sovereignty of our body.

Everyone is welcome to join regardless of sex, age, gender expression or history. While certain spiritual perspectives and philosophies will be emphasized in this class there is no obligation or requirement to come from a specific spiritual background or tradition. All tools and practices can easily be adapted to meet your needs. You don’t even have to believe in anything at all! All it takes for you to get the most out of this class is to be open to an adventure.

How does it work?

  • Every week you’ll receive a new lesson containing insights, suggestions and an assignment.
  • Assignments include a few more mental exercises, but most often will be juicy, sexy and fun.
  • All materials will be sent to you via e-mail.
  • Each week you will be asked to check-in with Gwydion and each other within a closed, secret FB group about your experiences. This will also give Gwydion the opportunity to give you specific feedback and directions along with answering upcoming questions.
  • There will also be some exclusive videos with guided practices just for you!
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