Extraterrestrial Origins of my Soul

I am not your ordinary human. Most of you are aware of that. I’m not even only talking about my extrasensory abilities. Yes, I can and do talk to plants and feel the energy flow in places and people. Yes, I also perceive auras and listen to all kinds of beings from the ethers. I’m also gay (well, sort of) and I’m also human. I’m also other than human, though. This otherness is what I want to talk more about in this post. Expect talk about faeries, extraterrestrials and the origins of my soul.

When I grew up I always knew that I was different. Most other kids I talked to didn’t see auras or beings like the Fey and other spirits. They didn’t talk to plants. If they did, they didn’t really expect them to answer. They also didn’t expect God to actually answer. They were not clairaudient and I didn’t really get that.

When I was in elementary school I dressed up as a male elf for carnival one time (something we do in Germany). None of the other kids even knew that there were male elves. They thought elves and faeries were all female. I thought that was rediculous. How were they supposed to recreate? Also: Didn’t the other kinds KNOW? Didn’t they SEE? Apparently not so much.

What I haven’t really talked about publicly so far is that I also always had a sense of not really being human. I spend half of my teenage years singing sad songs to the Faeries. Songs about being a Faery and missing home. Songs about wanting to return there.

I also used to dance ballet as a child and my favorite game was to dance the princess of Swan Lake in the opening scene. Which is were she is robbed of her innocent play and freedom by the evil curse that turns her into a swan. Binding her to a new world and cursing her to live upon strangers in a foreign land.

I deeply related to that scene since my life among humans definitely felt like a curse to me back then. Like I would always be alien. A stranger among humans who I couldn’t understand. Who would never welcome me for who I was. Who weren’t even able to perceive me and who would probably think I’m insane if they knew what I thought, saw and perceived. My mother used to tell me people would come to throw me into a mental institution every time I acted differently or ‘other’ than the other kids.

Gwydion Blackrose as a teenager about 13 years old

Gwydion as a teenager about 13 yo

Long story short: I had several reasons to feel strange and other. Given my abusive upbringing and the bullying I experienced in school I also had plenty of reasons to believe that something was wrong with me. That my ‘otherness’ was what people would never get or accept and what I would never allow myself to fully experience or express again. I wanted to belong so bad.

Well, there comes a time when pretending becomes just too painful. That is why I dared coming out publicly as ‘gay’ when I was 16 years old (then ‘bisexual’, then ‘gay’, then ‘other’). This is also why I want to come out as non-human as well.

In Celtic mythology and fairy tales there is this concept of some human babies being exchanged shortly after birth for faery babies. These faery babies were called ‘changelings’. They had a tendency to die young, but if they survived they exhibited strong magical powers and abilities. They also tended to be outsiders since most humans would find them weird at best.

I don’t believe that I am changeling in that way. I’m very sure I chose the specific bloodlines of my human parents for particular reasons. One of these reasons, though, I that we have faery blood in our veins. Another concept found in Celtic mythology which I find to be very real.

It all comes back to one human having sex and then having a child with a faery. Apparently that happened to a female ancestor of mine who ended up making love with a particularly horny spirit of the woods. It is something passed down through her descendants to me. Something not fully ‘activated’ in all of us, but to at least some degree in most. This is were our visions, dreaming the future and similar things come from. Also a good feeling for music I might add.

In addition to that I was also a faery in my previous life. This particular soul of mine likes to sample a lot of different experiences from all over the universe. It is not faery itself (therefore I’m not a ‘soulfork’ or Faery incarnated as a human), but my soul has the imprints of the fey all over itself and kind of absorbed some ethics and perspectives from them.

kid with a flashlight pointing up towards the night sky at the extraterrestrialsThe true nature of that soul is more extraterrestrial, though. It is part of a collective that I mostly just like to call ‘the cluster’. You could also call them ‘Mikael’ if you really want to give them a name, but ‘the cluster’ is usually efficient enough. This also breaks with the illusion that names could actually define or express them fully.

‘The Cluster’ likes to incarnate in circumstances which provide it with a lot of expansion and growth. They are interested in aiding growth and expansion, but also profiting themselves from expansive circumstances. Which is why they/ we chose to incarnate now. We are in times of great change and being part of that is exciting.

Besides this excitement ‘the cluster’ deeply cares about humanity in its potential which is not fully activated or reached, yet. There is way more in store for the human species if we don’t go extinct first. They are here to help us transition without killing ourselves in the process. They are also invested in avoiding as much of the ecological crisis we have brought upon this planet and other species here as possible.

In addition to this I also have another ‘soul’ or ‘soulstream’ with extraterrestrial origins. These guys are Plaiadians and they have ‘braided’ with me accoring to our pre-birth desire to aid me with my mission and desire. They have further activated my potentials and accelerated my spiritual growth when I was 12 years old. They came in back then and ‘braided’ with me to bring me back from hell (the reality I lived in) and into my fullest potential (which is not yet realized). They are still very much invested in that, because they also care about the way humanity is evolving. They want to accelerate our collective evolution and spiritual awakening. They want people to realize their own power and use it to change their life.

This is also why I decided to finally share all of these information with you. I’m not only sick of self-repression, but am also invested in helping fellow human beings along. ‘The cluster’ and the Pleiadians are eager to help people via channeling which I will start providing publicly very soon (sign up for my newsletter to get all the updates).

For some of you all of these information might be really hard to stomach. Rest assured that I’m not going crazy and that I’m also not entering an alternative reality where there is no more pain or nothing worth fighting for in this world.

Why I’m coming out like this is because I want to be seen for who I am and I can not have authentic and intimate relationships with you if I hold any part of me back. I can not provide good services to you as long as I filter myself all the time, too. Especially not with the work I’m about to bring into manifestation very soon.

I guess the neat, tiny boxes that I tried to fit myself into just became too tight for my vision. All the spiritual labels are just feeling a little bit too limiting and repressive. Why should I convince you that I’m a ‘proper’ Pagan or Witch or Starseed or Mystic anyway? There is no reason. All I got to give is me. I hope this will be enough for some of you.

a starry night sky filled with galaxies - and extraterrestrials?

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