Channeling Services

Gwydion Blackrose is a powerful channel. He is specifically aligned with the race of the Pleiadians and another race of ‘extraterrestrial’ beings he simply calls ‘the cluster’. Both of these beings (or collectives) are part of the way his soul came into being in this life. Therefore his connection to these races is clear, intimate and empowering.

There are also other beings who come through in Gwydion’s channelings on occasion. These include ancestors, Goddesses, Spirit Guides, Faeries and others. They usually come forth with very specific messages for the individual, but only if that is necessary. In general the Pleiadians and ‘the cluster’ are the dominant sources of information.

If you have a specific question for the Universe or want to know what is most important for you to know or understand right now in your life then Gwydion’s channeling will bring you answers and usually a fresh and empowering perspective.

Gwydion Blackrose in the forest channeling
Law of Attraction channeling Pleiadians

The Pleiadians and ‘the cluster’ by virtue of being very high-vibrational beings usually present information in a very specific way which fully acknowledges your power as co-creator in your life. They urge you to take charge of your life by virtue of taking charge of your vibration and to become a more efficient and joyful manifestation magnet making the most out of the Law of Attraction and other universal principles which are here to assist you.

Please use the payment options below to order a written channeling for you or to book a 1h live session via Skype. Gwydion will usually get back to you within 24h. Please be aware that written channelings can take up to a week before reaching your inbox.