Let Beauty lead the Way

honey bee sitting on a yellow flower folling the beauty it loves

We have been taught that beauty is frivolous, superficial, a luxury or even a deception or mask for something evil and sinister. In truth beauty is far more central to our purpose here on earth and our destiny than we might have been led to believe. Understanding and following beauty is in fact essential to […]

Survivor Shame & Pain

Pain and shame emanating from a man's head

I generally prefer to write positive articles which inspire. Which make it easier for you to perceive the beauty that is life and the gift that is having this sensual, human experience. AND I know that sometimes life just sucks. That the emotional pain seems unbearable and that – worst of all – we end […]


I am NOT a lightworker – or am I?

Lightworker suurounded by streams of light

A couple of days ago a friend told me that I am clearly a lightworker. That doing lightwork was a deep and essential part of my being. As someone who has spend a long time in resistance to even the concept of lightwork (along with several other terms and concepts used within the New Age […]


How to Deal with Change (2016 Part 2)

Serpent shedding skin (How to deal with change)

It just dawned on me yesterday that 2016 has been the year of the Serpent for me in more than one way. Not just because I got one tattooed on my body. If the Serpent symbolizes anything it is renewal, rebirth and outgrowing your old skins. In a lot of ways this perfectly sums up […]


When the Serpent Comes Knocking… (2016 Part 1)

green tree python

2016 has been quite a ride for a lot of people. Prophesied as the year of purification it certainly was a good opportunity to face all the things holding us back from being our authentic self and – ideally – to overcome them. I personally can say that no year has been as full and […]



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