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Loving Nature isn’t enough

seeing a sunrise on earth from outer space

Within the spiritual community, especially among those who belong more to the New Age and New Thought movements, there is this notion that loving nature is all it takes to live sustainably. That the act of loving is enough to fix any problem, really. This is incorrect. Within said streams of the wider spiritual community […]

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Rewilding Poetry

Today is the day to share with you all some poems I wrote in return to the call. The call to rewild, set free that wild child, hidden within, chained still with sin, shame and some fear, to keep me locked here, tame and submissive, confused and dismissive, instead of free, untamed and me. It […]

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Rewilding Spirituality

Half-naked man covered with mud and meditating within nature

How wild, untamed and free do you dare to become? The first time that I encountered the term ‘rewilding’ was in Peter grey’s very insightful and important blogpost called Rewilding Witchcraft. It follows the idea that Witches and Pagans have sort of forgotten their roots and their purpose which are connected to engaging with and […]

Porn Addiction, Recovery and Freedom

Man in the haze of addiction

If you read my last post about my porn addiction you already know that about five years ago I used to watch and masturbate to porn for hours each day. This was not about pleasure. It was about escaping my emotions and my life. I was depressed, overwhelmed, felt isolated and couldn’t let go of […]


My Porn Addiction

A man in the chains of his porn addiction

It’s May 1st! Not only is that the beginning of summer according the the Celtic calender (beginning with celebrations of fun and pleasure known as Beltane or Beltaine), but it’s also National Masturbation Month in the USA. Therefore a great opportunity to talk about my recovery from porn addiction. I started masturbating to internet porn […]



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