Learning to Live

Female surfer on the beach contemplating the waves

Life presents us with a lot of different challenges and opportunities. There is usually no rest in between these waves of change that keep rolling towards the shore that is our present moment. Especially nowadays – and this won’t be news for you – the waves keep coming faster and faster and it’s really hard […]

Spiritual Significance of the Solar Eclipse August 21 2017

total solar eclipse August 21 2017 spiritual significance

This is the first time that I’m about to offer a channeling I received in public! This one is about the upcoming total solar eclipse happening on monday and it’s spiritual energy and significance. The beings offering the channeling through me are what I call ‘the Cluster’ and you can read my last blogpost to […]


Extraterrestrial Origins of my Soul

I am not your ordinary human. Most of you are aware of that. I’m not even only talking about my extrasensory abilities. Yes, I can and do talk to plants and feel the energy flow in places and people. Yes, I also perceive auras and listen to all kinds of beings from the ethers. I’m […]

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Sexual Healing and the Queer Spirit Festival

snapshot of camping gear from the Queer Spirit Festival 2017

Last week I had the privilege to be part of the second Queer Spirit Festival in the UK. It took place in the same location as last year which is sort of close to Glastonbury and Stonehenge. It’s a beautiful location which already felt familiar to some degree because of me having already connected with […]

This City has failed you

a tall impressive building as the manifestation of civilization and empire

I used to watch a lot of TV shows that I discontinued because of the amount of violence they portray. One of these shows was the Arrow. Within this show of superheros the main character (Oliver Queen aka The Arrow) has this very famous quote which he uses to justify his actions. Murder, vengeance and […]



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