About Gwydion Blackrose

Gwydion Blackrose’s wisdom and magic come from the fertile Twilight Place. A place where opposites meet, merge and become more. Day and Night, spirit and body, feral and cultured.

Gwydion walks between many seeming opposites. As a gender non-binary and sexually queer person they bridge and transcend modern concepts of male and female. As a mystic and psychic they walk at the spiritual edges where heresy and enlightenment touch. As a Witch they commune with Spirit(s) while they also revel in the sensual blessings of the body.

As a survivor of various forms of domestic childhood abuse and serious bullying in their youth Gwydion knows what it means to suffer. They also know how to overcome it and how to facilitate others to do the same.

Gwydion standing in front of a tree wearing some of their Ilekes/ sacred beads.

Professional & Spiritual Background

Gwydion Blackrose is a certified Completion Process practitioner and works as a counselor and social worker with queer youth in Germany. Their clients come from a diversity of backgrounds and ethnicities struggling with anything from suicidal tendencies to surviving sexual and domestic abuse. They hold German university degrees in Gender Studies and Comparative Religion.

In the Twilight Place Gwydion brings together spiritual traditions and magical practices from the North and South, East and West. They have studied in the BlackHeart lineage of the Anderson Feri Tradition for over 5 years. They also received training within the Reclaiming Tradition of modern Witchcraft, studied with spiritual illuminary Teal Swan and received initiations in the Ifa/Orisha tradition under Iyanifa Ifalade Tashia Asanti in Ile Ori Ogbe Egun. They also have an extensive knowledge of Hellenism, Tarot, Germanic/Northern traditions, Buddhism and other practices from around the world.

As an activist for social justice and environmental protection of over 15 years Gwydion cares deeply about this world – and this includes YOU!

If you seek spiritual guidance, emotional healing or personal empowerment it’s Gwydion’s pleasure to assist you.