What does Unity Consciousness mean?

The concept of ‘Unity Consciousness’ essentially means a state of consciousness or awareness that includes the totality of the universe.

At least the part of the universe we call our planet. faeries, trees and water in union (Unity Consciousness)

Or at the very least the part of this planet that we call humanity.

The very same thing and state of being has been called ‘oneness’ before. Experiencing and practicing the state of oneness was the goal of various mystical traditions throughout the ages. Following the assumption that God/Spirit equaled everything this unity with the Divine was achieved through energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual unity with all that is.

All that is, was and will be.

This unity traditionally included rocks, trees, other plants, various non-manifested spiritual beings with their unique individual agencies, fungi, birds and other animals – including other human beings.

In my mind: True Unity Consciousness still does.

At the same time those people who seem to use this term the most in many cases seem to have forgotten that actual intimate union with all that is is part of that equation.

A lot of people who claim to aspire towards Unity Consciousness, increasing consciousness and expanding awareness actually do not practice this.

What most of them seem to practice instead is blissful ignorance that is justified and maintained by ‘positive focus’. A tool, that can be helpful at times if our perception of the world is exclusive of all that is right and beautiful, but that can be really detrimental to spiritual growth if used to exclude all that is perceived as negative, ugly and violent.

The desire to only see what is beautiful is understandable. Bearing the ugliness and violence of the world (particularly humanity) can easily navigate us into the waters of depression and hopelessness. Nobody wants to feel bad. All of us ultimate strive for joy and pleasure.

Police violence against a young boyAt the same time the ability to focus purely on the positive is a privilege. A privilege that is not given to the families of black boys shot down by a racist police force within the United States simply for being male AND black on what almost feels like a daily basis. A privilege that is not given to the transwoman (especially if she is ‘of color’) who gets bullied, attacked, raped and tortured in some back alley. A privilege that is not given to the farmers whose fields are destroyed and flooded by human-made climate change. A privilege that is not given to the ancient forests of the world being cut or burned down for toilet paper and cheap oil. A privilege not given to the frogs, snakes, monkeys and other animals beings burned down with them. Or the activists and indigenous people being beaten and murdered for trying to protect them.


If you feel like running away from this, breathe. If you feel like my words are poison because they put a crack in your carefully crafted bubble of perception: breathe.

I’m not denying that there are a lot of things in this world that are beautiful, healthy and worthy of celebration. These are still true. These deserve to be seen, too.

My observations is, though, that the beautiful aspects of life on this planet are simply not the whole picture of what is going on right now.

How can we raise awareness and expand consciousness while also ignoring these more challenging aspects of our reality?

We can’t.

They need to be included into our journey (like our own negative emotions as well) if we truly aim for growth, awareness and expansion.

We can not strive for a consciousness that is inclusive of the union of all that is while we exclude parts of the picture.

We also cannot refuse to look at what currently is if we want to make any difference.

Women intersecting with all kinds of animals in true Unity Consciousness (interconnectedness)

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Loving Nature isn’t enough

Within the spiritual community, especially among those who belong more to the New Age and New Thought movements, there is this notion that loving nature is all it takes to live sustainably. That the act of loving is enough to fix any problem, really.

This is incorrect.

Within said streams of the wider spiritual community there is often a tendency to becoming overly attached to emotions while disregarding mental capacities and rational thinking.

The so called ’emotional guidance system’ is invoked as a means to justify uncritical thinking and oftentimes blissful ignorance towards what’s happening in the world in terms of torture, violence and environmental destruction.

There is a certain truth to the so-called Law Of Attraction (also called the Law of Mirroring) which essentially states that like energies attract and magnify each other. Like attracts like.

Male Witch of Pagan Priest focusingWithin Witchcraft and other magical systems since the dawn of humanity that was and is a well-known fact. Today some call this mechanism sympathetic magic.

Essentially you make use of herbs, crystals and other natural materials which hold Virtue/Power/frequency that is alike to what you want to attract or magnify in your life. You use them to create a specific energetic blueprint through which you direct the magical-creative energy you have previously gathered. That magical-creative energy then takes on the qualities of that blueprint and calls what it resonates with into existence.

The presence and qualities of allied Gods, angels and other spirits also aid that process by contributing to the blueprint and supporting the general manifestation process.

That is the time-honored process and understanding of how magic basically works in a nutshell.

What differentiates this approach from what many people within the modern Law Of Attraction (LOA) community practice is the amount of creative power that is handled and consciously directed.

It is a misconception that simply directing your focus towards what is currently wrong in the world is significantly magnifying it. The droplet of your momentary observance is nothing compared to the flood that can be released by a proper spell.

a young man is becoming awake that Mother Earth is crying (climate change)In other words:

Informing yourself about what climate change actually is, where it originates and why our survival depends on our response to it is not contributing to the problem. On the contrary!

Informing yourself is essential for figuring out and making up your mind about what actions to take. If you don’t know what is at risk you will not be sufficiently motivated to change anything. If you do not understand how climate change works (or healthy ecosystems for that matter) you will not be able to determine which effective actions to take.

Buying produce from around the world, even if it is organic, or a new smartphone ‘only’ every two years, even from a ‘green’ company, is not going to be enough.

As Rhyd Wildermuth breaks it down quite eloquently in his recent (highly recommended) blog response to the US withdrawing from the COP 21/Paris Climate Accords:

“We have smartphones and the internet, personal automobiles and life-saving pharmaceuticals, plastics and global travel, social media and strawberries in winter. We also have flooding islands, eroded top soils, resource wars and super-storms. These are not separate aspects of modern existence; they come by means of the very same thing, and the former produces the latter.“

In other words:
Our whole life style and consume patterns need to be re-evaluated and – most likely – radically changed. The same might be true for our understanding of the universe and spirituality as a whole.

We can not do this without using our rational mind and thinking. Empathy, love and compassion will compel us forward, yes, but we need to look first at what currently is and learn about how we got there as a society to begin with. We will also need to look into how ecosystems, agriculture and capitalism work. Otherwise we will simply not be able to make wise, informed decisions. We can’t become fully self-empowered and self-liberated while avoiding this.

True love doesn’t look away.

Planet earth with the Southern half drowning in water (climate change)