Let Life Seduce You! (Awakening Sensuality)

After last week was spend with a lot of clients struggling with very similar challenges I felt inspired to make this new video. It’s about how to open up more fully to the sensuality of life and about allowing life to seduce you. Awakening sensuality is not only about healthy embodiment and great sex, but about creating a life that is in alignment with your actual Self, purpose and desires.

Enjoy the video here or watch it on youtube and let me know what you think!

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News from the Road // Spiritual Vlog Project

Life is happening very fast right now. Sometimes it’s too easy to loose track. We are busy. We have a lot of projects that demand our attention. Our own soul has needs that need to be met.

In the middle of it all it’s really important not to loose track of who we are and what we came here to be.

Let me remind you: You are magnificent! Your are a miracle!

I actually just made two short videos to remind you of that. They are part of a new Vlog project I’ve started. You can find both of these short videos at the end of this blog.

I started the Spiritual Vlog project because while I love writing I don’t always have the time, energy and focus for it. The same can be said about making my more ‘professional’ videos. Especially since I’m not particularly fond of editing.

Some of 'my kids' at the local Pride parade.

Some of ‘my kids’ at the local Pride parade.

Also: I still work part-time as a counselor and youth group facilitator at the local LGBT+ center. A lot of my clients there suffer from PTSD, dissociation and engage in self-harming behavior. Many of them are rape and abuse survivors as well. Which means this is very intense work which I take very seriously. Taking care of ‘my kids’ (along with my other clients) always comes first. Creative self-expression and spiritual teaching for the masses comes second.

My Spiritual Vlog project is a way for me to connect with you easily. I hope you enjoy to see more of my life and get a better sense of who I am ‘on the road’. I’ve always been dedicated to authenticity. I hope these videos will give you a better sense of what it’s like to go on a hike with me, forage berries or have a cup of tea. I hope they help you to get a better sense of the person that I am.

Why is that important to me?

I want you to trust me and give you a chance to convince yourselves that I am trustworthy. I do expect you to trust me with your money when booking a Tarot Reading or Chakra Reading with me. I know that this can be a scary step. I want to encourage you to take the leap of faith with me that can change your life for the better.

I want to give you a better sense of what I’m like and that I genuinely want to help you solve your problems and improve the whole world while I’m at it. I’m deeply grateful to all my clients for believing in me. I’m deeply grateful as well for the pleasure to observe my guidance and advice helping them come closer to their true heart’s desire.

Know that you are loved! Know that you matter! Let me know, if you need support, because I’d love to give it to you!


Gwydion Blackrose