Gwydion Blackrose

Finding wholeness and healing through the integration of our wild, divine and sensual nature.

Gwydion Blackrose is a natural psychic and spiritual teacher who empowers people internationally to come more fully into alignment with their true core essence, their sensuality and their wildness.

Gwydion was born with a range of extrasensory abilities (including clairaudience and clairsentience). He was naturally interested in religion and spirituality since an early age and began studying various mystical and magical traditions since he was twelve years old. Since then he has acquired and mastered a wealth of techniques to help people from all walks of life find joy, meaning, empowerment and purpose in their life.

As a survivor of various forms of child abuse and bullying he is proud to now bring the tools of emotional healing and empowerment he used on himself to others. It is his deep joy to facilitate emotional and sexual healing, spiritual development and deep self-knowledge.

Gwydion Blackrose

Gwydion is currently not available to offer any spiritual services to clients. Given his current obligations and time limitations working as a social worker with high-risk LGBTQ+ teenagers and young adults there is simply not much more energy left to give.

If you have benefited from Gwydion’s work in any way and want to give back – any financial gift of any amount is highly appreciated!